Saturday, December 31, 2011

Magic and Me


Hello everybody.

My name is Wil, and I love Magic.

I decided to make a blog about it. How about that?

I started playing shortly after Shards of Alara was released (October 2008), and I’ve never looked back. I’m creating this blog to express my thoughts on Magic. Story, strategy, and design. I’m hoping this blog will help me achieve the long term goal of actually working at Wizards of the coast. Pretty lofty goal I’ll admit, but you should aim high with your goals (and I needed a new year’s resolution to kick me in the pants). I’ve been thinking about doing this since about the time the Great Designer Search 2 got started (September 2010), about time I actually did something about it.

I want to let you all know what you can expect from this blog. A little bit of everything. I consider myself a Vorthos, so you might hear me dissecting the latest story elements or reviewing a Magic novel or two. I play fairly regularly at FNMs and open tournaments that are close enough, so you might hear about my *ahem* ‘remarkable’ deckbuilding and play skills. I also considerably enjoy design theory, so expect a fair amount of dialogue in that respect. In particular, expect to see custom cards and things like duel deck lists. I certainly hope reading that hasn’t scared you all away, I actually have an incredible amount of respect towards game balance and am willing to take criticism and admit when I have an ugly baby on my hands.

I plan to update at least weekly, if not more, and I might start a few regular segments depending on where this all takes me.

I hope you all enjoy the ride. Feel free to let me know what you think.