Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Silverfawn the Seedsower

Silverfawn was born on a desecated husk of a world. It had been like that for generations. Some horrible cataclysm had broken the plane's mana flow and each passing year more and more life leaked from the plane without new life to restore it. Her plane was dying.

She was born into a tribe of Kor, venerable nomads intrinsicly tied to the land. Even they could not fathom the cause of the drought, much less a solution. Their best shamans and scholars had tried and failed for generations to come up with an answer that might not even exist, though they continued to search.

Her particular tribe had a coming of age ceremony. When a child became pubescent, they were sent into the wild to commune with the spirits of nature. They would encounter a particular spirit, which would bestow upon them the greatest gift of all, their name, and when they returned they were considered an adult by the tribe, and enjoyed all the rights and priveledges that entailed.

Naturally, with the encreasing entrophy of the plane, each passing year these rites of passage yielded fewer and fewer communes with the spirits. Many children returned empty handed, no different than when they left. Some, too filled with shame to return without speaking to a spirit, simply did not, and were never heard from again.

Even in Silverfawn's generation, they kept up the ritual, mostly out of a newly twisted tradition that said that should a child return having communed with a spirit for the first time in generations, that child would becoe a prophet, their to lead their world out of the jaws of death.

Within a month of her thirteenth birthday, Silverfawn was sent into the wild. She was afraid. She had heard all the stories growing up, and was filled with worries that should yet again let her people down. She wandered for days on end until her food and water supplies dwindled, and still she tread on. She became weak and dehydrated and collapsed. Teetering on the verge of death, she slipped into unconciousness, and dreamt.

Then a miracle happened, she heard a voice. She opened her eyes, and there before her stood an enormous deer slowing silver like the stars at night. It told her that it was she that was destined to save her world, because she was the first child of that plane in generations to receive a rare gift, a Planeswalker's spark. The same sort of spark, she was told, that had blighted her world in the first place.

When she awoke, she found herself not of her world. She knew her life's purpose. And so she has wandered the planes, learning any manner of magics she could manage to learn. Trying to discover the solution that would return life to her lifeless world.

Silverfawn began her existence almost a year ago, designed as a mono-green dryad character.

Ultimately, she was kind of boring as a character. It's hard to write for AND design for mono-green walkers. I dropped her and didn't give her a second thought.

Cue a couple of weeks ago, I'm on spring break, and I come to the conclusion that the Mad Doctor story was kind of cool. I decide I should do more of that sort of thing.

Doing a series of them based on Planeswalker characters I could design ultimately seemed like an obvious choice.

An idea came to me of a 'Johnny Appleseed' type character, and I started writing Silverfawn's backstory, then the time came to build a card. I remembered my boring dryad character. It dawned on me that all of her abilities (minus the ramping) worked equally well in white as well as green. Hell, even white is allowed the occasional land searching, so even that didn't seem too much of a stretch.

And thus, Silverfawn.

I recently entered her in a Planeswalker design contest on the Gleemax forums!
The theme is children walkers, come join us!

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