Monday, March 18, 2013

You Make the Card run off, a consideration

If you're reading this, chance are you're into Magic: the Gathering.
And if you're into Magic: the Gathering, chances are you're aware that Wizards is running the fourth "You Make the Card" promotional contest event thing.
And if you weren't;
Hey. You.
Wizards is running the foruth "You Make the Card" promotional contest event thing.
Which is pretty neat.

Basically, YMTC is a recurring thing Wizards has been doing irregularly since Onslaught block, wherein the hand the reigns of design over to us, the unwashed masses who don't have the fortuity to work at Wizards of the Coast for a single card.

Over the course of many weeks, a variety of polls are held to narrow down the focus of the event and ultimately decide what shall be printed.

Last week, the vote was for what card time would be considered; everything sans Planeswalker was up for vote.
The vote was close.
Like really freaking close.
Like 25 votes out of several dozen thousand votes close.

So, this week, they're doing a runoff between the top two contenders;
enchantment and land.

And here I am, as a half-arsed writer and would be designer who occasionally remembers that he has a blog on blogspot to tell you my opinion.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love me some enchantments.
Statisically, they are the hardest to remove card type and they've historically lacked the attention that some of the other card types have had giving them a wide berth of potential effects left to print.

But I'm a lands kind of guy


Here's why I'm voting land (again) and why you should, too!
1. It's a challenge to design. Lands can't be countered. Any deck can play them without reprecusion. Land destruction has been nerfed to the point of irrelevance. There's a lot of valves that need to be very carefully adjusted to make them compelling and safe. And that makes me excited~
2. They need more love. It took Wizards until Prophecy to build a set around the theme of lands, and it took them until Zendikar to do it in a way that most people don't speak of in the same way that most of us speak of infectious diseases. There is SOOOOOOOOOOOO much untapped design space left for lands that no matter what kind of player you are, there is definitely something a land can do for you.
3. It's something for everyone. Simple enough; anyone can run lands. They have fewer restrictions towards gameplay since they don't compete for spell slots.

I'd love to hear your own opinions on the matter and don't forget to vote yourself!

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  1. I don't disagree with you that there is untapped design space for lands. The same is also true for enchantments. The problem is that Wizards reserves the right to tinker with what we vote for. I'm pretty sure that, if left to pure democracy, there would be a card named "Mr. Babycakes." Right from the start of YMTC, Wizards kinda slapped the whole process, and the people involved in the face, even if it was only cosmetic. I think that Wizards is deathly afraid of printing powerful lands. I see many artifact land designs posted in the forums, and Wizards has already classified that as a no-no, after Arcbound Ravager. I foresee the Magic community designing something incredibly powerful as a land, and that design, despite being democratically designed, being neutered to the point that it loses what made it appealing to the masses in the first place. The perceived fragility of an enchantment will allow us to make something truly interesting, and have a chance to see it in print pretty closely to what we have designed collectively.