Monday, January 16, 2012

Tales of lizard tails.

Disclaimer: This article contains custom card designs. If you are a Wizards of the Coast employee you have my full permission to use any designs or ideas within this article without my explicit written consent or prior knowledge, or without giving me any sort of credit. I love this game and I want to help it in any way I can.

So I once read in a Magic article (I can't remember by who, I think it may have been Jamie Wakefield) that one of the surest ways to get a dedicated audience for your articles is to make your audience care about you, the writer, on a personal level. Make them care about you and your well-being and your life behind the keyboard.

Is my pet leopard gecko, Cisco.

I've had her for 10 years. That's a pretty good chunk of time.

Two weeks ago, she split her tail open.

I. lost. my. shit.

In fairness, this isn't nearly as bad as it sounds like.
Leopard geckos possess a pretty groovy little quirk wherein their tails can fall off whenever they are threatened, like if a predator grabs on to them, they'll often drop their tails which will thrash about pulling attention away from them while they run away.

Nonetheless, I have had this lizard half of my life, so I was rather freaked out.

Immediately, I took her to an emergency clinic since my normal vet is closed on Sundays. It took a couple of hours, but the vets were able to stitch her up.

In honor of my lizard, here's a design:


  1. Once again, I have no idea why half the stuff is centered.

  2. This would be sweet as a black card. Maybe an Enchhantment. Life over Limb?

  3. Sorry this is so darn short.

    It was kind of painful to talk about.

  4. melira keeps poptail from regenerating. =,[

    1. Well don't play it with Melira then.
      She has much better toys anyway.