Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Monster Making, Part 2

Disclaimer: This article contains custom card designs. If you are a Wizards of the Coast employee you have my full permission to use any designs or ideas within this article without my explicit written consent or prior knowledge, or without giving me any sort of credit. I love this game and I want to help it in any way I can.

Last time, I showed you some skaabs.
This time I show you some more.

Most of the designs from last week were from a flavor first perspective. Many of these are from a more mechanics focused perspective, so bare with me if some of them are hard to process, flavorfully.

Location: Your choice.
Action: Show a skaab. This skaab is considerably more 'normal' looking than the typical skaab. It's normally proportioned, it doesn't appear to have any weapons or animal parts built into its frame. It's wearing normal clothes. Were it not for its obvious deadness, it would appear all the world like a normal person. Show it interacting with some frightened people. It would seem a skabaren as an act of vengeance, resurrected someone of significance, and set that person to their home to horrify that persons loved ones.
Focus: The people terrified by their loved one brought back in such a manner.

Mood: But you're supposed to be dead!

I'll be honest, this might be a bit too powerful, considering how easy it is to get something dangerous into a graveyard rather than onto the battlefield.
 Location: Unimportant
Action: Show a skaab wandering about. This skaab seems fairly typical save for the enormous geist-tank strapped to its back. The skabaren who created this beast appears to be experimenting with a new power source for his monsters, and this one is getting a field test.
Focus: The glowing, lava lampish device strapped to its back.

Mood: Unstable power source

Here, I wanted to further extend my idea of skaabs exiling things other than creatures to be cast. I'll be honest, I think this design space is a bit more shallow than I thought it might be.
 Location: Unimportant
Action: Show a skaab in combat with two people. This skaab is unique in that its hands are on the end of two grappling hook like devices grafted onto its arms.
Focus: the long weaponized arms.
Mood: Well that was unexpected...

What's better than a tapdown creature? A double tap-down creature.
 Location: A mausoleum.
Action: Show a particularly resourceful skaab looting a mausoleum. It's taking a choosing the choosiest bits from the people buried there, and grafting them into its body.
Focus: The skaab, sewing bits into itself.
Mood; I'm the best of the best.

Seems simple enough.
 Location: A skabaren's laboratory.
Action: Show a homunculus, a creepy looking little cyclops often used as assistants by the various mad scientists on innistrad, sewing up a skaab. This little fellow has been given the duty of fixing his master's creations after a battle.
Focus: The homunculus, hard at work.
Mood; Mr. fix-it.

A cute little tribal enabler. Not much to say.
 Location: unimportant.
Action: Show a horrific looking multi-segmented skaab. This creature is a series of torsos sewn together, giving the appearance of a caterpillar made of dead people.

Focus: the monster in all its horrific glory
Mood; Some things should not be.

Do I really need to say it?
Location: the dance hall of a grand, opulent mansion
Action: Show a party of sorts being thrown by a group of skabaren. They've gathered together to show off their latest creations and are having a contests of sorts to see who's come up with the most horrific monstrosities.
Mood: The worst kind of party

I must say I was immensly pleased with myself when I thought up this card. It's one of my favorite designs I've ever done!

Let me know what you all think!

Join me next time, when I show off some self-milling enablers to help you cast all these monsters in the first place!

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